Product Reviews

      This is a list of hunting and reloading products that I've found to be outstanding.   I've come across most of them after spending way too much time and money on similar products that didn't work nearly as well.

      None of these pages are paid advertisements, and these products are from a variety of different manufacturers.   Most of them are not new, but they can definitely make your reloading, shooting, and hunting more rewarding.

Last updated on  January 25, 2012


  1. Lee Collet Crimp Die
  2. RCBS Case Prep Machine
  3. Forster Case Trimmer
  4. Rifle Powder (Hodgdon)
  5. Case Gauge (Wilson )
  6. Nosler Bullets
  7. Ram Priming Tool (RCBS)
  8. Priming Tool (Sinclair)
  9. Redding "S" Type Dies   UPDATED
  10. Portable Reloading Press
  11. Imperial Sizing Die Wax
  12. Shotshell Reloading Press (MEC)


  1. Model 1911 (in .22 rimfire)
  2. Scope Rings (Leupold)
  3. Bore Sighting Tool (Leupold)
  4. Great cleaning solvent
  5. AR-15 Magazine Loader / Unloader
  6. Final Finish - by David Tubb
  7. Custom Handmade Knives
  8. Rifle Rest
  9. Electronic Ear-Muffs
  10. Spotting Scope (Leupold)
  11. Hunting Tripod (Bushnell)
  12. Pellet Rifle
  13. Pellet pistols
  14. 300 Caliber Pistol

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