Custom Handmade Knives

        This is a good friend of mine Edgar Chattin from Woodville, Florida.   He designs, builds and sells custom knives and tomahawks for a living.     Edgar is proud of his Cherokee heritage and is shown here wearing an Cherokee Indian jacket.   Edgar is a true craftsman and is one of the most interesting people that you might ever come across.   His custom knives have been displayed in national magazines and he gets orders from around the world.  A few years ago Edgar made me a deal on a small Bowie knife that he built to my exact specifications.   That's the best knife I've ever had .... and I'll never sell it.   It has a stag handle with a razor sharp 5" blade made from hardened D2 steel.   Edgar's knives come with a lifetime warranty and a top quality, hand stitched shieth that he makes specificly for each knife.


        Edgar can make any type of knife you've ever seen.   His specialty is authentic early American knives built the way they were made 200 years ago.   If you ever have the opportunity to watch a skilled knife maker build a knife all the way to completion, you will appreciate all of the hard work that it takes.   If you would like to own the ultimate handmade hunting knife, you can tell him that I gave you his phone number.   You can reach him at 850-926-8058.   For the right price, you just might be able to convince Edgar to build one for you.   He is retired now, but Edgar still builds knives for fellow shooters.

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