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Electronic Ear-muffs

      I've tried several different brands of electronic ear-muffs, and this is absolutely my favorite.   This is the Peltor Tactical 7 Classic, sold by MidwayUSA.   I originally wanted a smaller set, but I found that ONLY the larger units did a good job at reducing loud noise.   The main reasons I prefer this particular make and model are listed below.

  • They are by far the most effective at reducing the sound of gunshots.
  • They are the most comfortable set of ear-muffs I've ever tried.
  • They do the best job of amplifying clear, low level sounds (great for hunting).
  • They use a common 9V battery that can be swapped without tools.
  • They provide directional sound with a single control knob.
  • The cost was a bargain at about $115.

      There are usually trade-offs in features when you compare one brand (or model) of electronic ear-muffs over another.   Before I decided to purchase this particular set of ear-muffs, I had the opportunity to test several different brands in a side-by-side test.   I usually shoot for extended periods of time, and it's not unusual for me to wear ear-muffs continuously for 6 - 8 hours.   I was determined to test every model electronic ear-muff that I could get my hands on, before deciding which brand to buy and recommend.

      It's easy to find a cheaper set of electronic ear-muffs that may look like this set, or you might find a pair that's a bit smaller, or maybe another set has a cool looking camo pattern.   I'll take a pair of these Peltor Tactical 7S electronic ear-muffs any time.   Some units on the market use a "new and improved" technology that reduces ONLY loud sounds without ever loosing the background noise.   However, I noticed that they didn't reduce the sound of gunshots anywhere near as well as the Peltor Tactical 7 Classic.   The Peltor Tactical 7 Classic ear-muffs completely lose ALL sound for almost half a second during (and slightly after) the noise from a loud noise.   At first, I thought this would be a drawback.   It seemed like a bad idea at first, but not after testing them.

      This set has (2) stereo microphones that provide direction-sensitive sound that requires no balance adjustment.   They just have one volume adjustment for easy operation.   The only modification that I had to do to my set is stretch them out just a little bit wider.   These ear-muffs are great for hearing range commands in competition shooting, and they increase safety when introducing new shooters to the sport.   If you spend much time at a public range, you'll enjoy using electronic ear-muffs.

      This particular set is about 15 years old, and you might have a hard time finding this exact same model.   Since I purchased my Peltor ear-muffs, 3M appears to have purchased the company, and getting the parts is quite a task.   However, They have several different models available at an extremely wide range of prices.   The WalMart website carries some of their models.

        NOTE:   This is my number one choice for ear-muffs.   However, you can easily make them much better.   Take a look at our Tech Tips section, and you'll see a very good upgrade for them.   It helps them avoid scratching your rifle stock.   If you need replacement foam parts, save yourself a lot of time and check with "Harry" at Magnum Electronics (302-734-9250).

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