Redding S Type Die

Redding "S" Type Die

      These dies are terrific!   I like bushing type dies much better than standard resizing dies, because they give you more control in adjusting the diameter of your case necks.   Another advantage is they don't require using an expander ball.   That eliminates stretching the shoulder of your handloads.   Unlike most other resizing dies, a bushing die can always deliver the correct bullet tension by accurately controlling the "exact" amount of neck resizing.   This also improves case concentricity.

      Conventional resizing dies can only work properly if case necks are always at one specific neck thickness.   However, if you measure the neck diameter of loaded cartridges, you'll find the neck thickness of different brands of brass (or even different lots of brass) can vary quite a lot.   That's another great reason for using the Redding "S" Type resizing dies.   They allow you to adjust bullet tension by just switching to the correct size neck bushing.   This a big advantage when your goal is to get the best possible accuracy.   It also allows you to try different brands of brass, and still have the correct bullet tension.

      These bushings are expensive, and it's important to order the correct size(s).   To get the right ones, just measure the neck OD of your loaded rounds, and deduct a few thousandths according to this information.

                  Benchrest Rifle ................................... Deduct .001"
                  Hunting Rifle ..................................... Deduct .002" to .003"

      Sometimes it's usually a good idea to also purchase the next size smaller bushing.   This type of resizing die is available in a neck sizing (NK) version or a full length (FL) version.   I always use FL dies on my handloads.   Now days, these bushing dies are also available from Forster and RCBS.   They are all excellent quality.

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