Strike - Hold

      While visiting a local gunshow, I came across an impressive product demonstration for "Strike-Hold".   I learned that it has some amazing qualities that are unlike any other cleaning solvent.   This demonstration showed an electrical cord being plugged into a 120 volt outlet, turning on a 60 watt light bulb, then it was dropped into a bucket of water.   This would normally trip the circuit breaker . . . . but it didn't.   The light stayed on.

      The light bulb was first sprayed with Strike-Hold.   Having treated all of the metal contact areas of the extension cord, light bulb and light socket, the water just couldn't penetrate to the metal parts . . . . which would have caused shocking results.   The high dielectric strength of Strike-Hold is so great, that it prevented Mike Huggard (CEO of MPH System Specialties) from being shocked as he reached his hand into the water and picked up the lighted bulb!   Well . . . . Mike was totally un-phased.   The water just beaded up on the light bulb and ran off.

      Imagine how Strike-Hold would protect your firearms in damp conditions.   There's no chance of getting rust on your guns with this stuff, because it migrates to every exposed part.   I've used this product a jillion times, and it is awesome.   I've also found a lot of other uses for this product, because it is such an effective cleaning solvent.   Strike-Hold is also being used by our military for use on weapons that need a fast cleaning, often avoiding disassembly.

      Mike invented this product, and his hands are literally in this stuff all the time.   The government also approved it as a safe chemical to handle.   He does not recommend trying his "electric" demonstration, and will not be held liable if someone fails to heed this warning.   But you should get a can of Strike-Hold, and give it a try on your guns and fishing reels.   It will keep your equipment clean and functional when you need it.

       You can get this product from:

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