300 Caliber Pistol

      This is the 300 caliber pistol that I purchased from Beeman over two decades ago.   I've had plenty of trigger time with this handgun, and I have bagged my share of trophies with it.   This gun is ideal for those of you that feel other pistols are too expensive, or you may just want a special backup gun.   It will round out the arsenal of the true hunter who wants a weapon for every type of game, including . . . . the deadly fly.   It comes with a free lifetime supply of ammo - just one round is all you'll ever need.   This one round is attached with a 36" string, so your range is somewhat limited.   For the more skilled shooter, try removing the string for long range shooting.   This is the most effective fly-killer I've ever used.

300 Caliber Pistol   Real Small Game

      For those of you that visit Florida, you probably know what it's like when one of these pesky lizards gets in the house.   It's almost impossible to catch these little guys once they get inside!   They are quick as lightning, and able to cause most women to start a screaming frenzy.   Well . . . . I've found that this 300 caliber pistol is also an excellent "Lizard Blaster".   Unlike using your Colt .45, this handgun does virtually no damage to your home when fired indoors.   This 300 caliber pistol has enough power to knock any small lizard senseless with a single shot.   After some careful stalking and one well placed shot, it's very easy to catch him and toss his butt outside.   The velocity of this impressive 128 grain "swatter point" bullet (nearly 25 fps) allows you to hunt lizards successfully.   However, these lizards are just about the largest game that you should pursue with this weapon.

      I believe you can still get one of these unique handguns from Beeman.   I saw one of their old 1985 catalogs with this handgun (item # 7260) selling for about five dollars.   Remember that retail prices have skyrocketed since those days, so don't be surprised to see them now selling for ten bucks or more.   WARNING: This handgun may not be legally purchased (or used) In New York City or California.

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