AR-15 Magazine   Loader / Unloader

It's called the LULA

AR-15 Magazine

      I first saw this product at the 2003 Shot Show in Orlando.   Now I'll admit that there is nothing tough about loading an AR-15 magazine.   If I ever found myself in a stressful tactical situation, I wouldn't waste time fumbling around trying to find one of these gadgets to load a single magazine.

      However, if you want to load whole bunch of AR-15 magazines, this well made little gadget can get the job done quickly.   The product rep at the Shot Show obviously had lots of practice using it.   He reloaded his magazines REAL FAST and the unloading operation was even faster.   Rapid unloading is important if you ever find that your magazines are filled with sand.   A quick cleaning could be worth quite a lot.

      This tool works very well, and it's easy to operate.   They retail for less than $25.00.   I'm glad that I got one because they're a pleasure to use if you do a lot of shooting.   This tool is made in Israel, and is being issued to the military and Special Forces.

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