Leupold Scope Bases & Rings

Leupold Scope Rings

      These photos show Leupold scope rings on two of my favorite Browning A-Bolt hunting rifles.   These rings are my number one choice for use on most sporter rifles.   I like them better than any other brand, because they're solid as a rock and they look great.   However . . . . the picture on the left shows the "old style" Leupold scope base.   The arrow points to their only weakness.   I've seen this darned windage screw work lose or broken on more rifles than you would believe.   Notice the rifle on the right.   It also has a Leupold scope base (2 pieces) and rings, but this set is the "new style".   They're now available without the old windage screw.   When this "new and improved" version became available, I wasted no time getting the new style.

      That windage screw design may have occasionally been needed on rifles forty years ago, but with the quality of scopes and rifles today, a windage screw on the scope base is rarely needed.   If you have a set of the old Leupold scope rings that use this screw, do yourself a huge favor and replace them with a new set that doesn't have this screw.

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