Hodgdon "Extreme" Powders

Hodgdon Powder

      Some Hodgdon powders are marketed using the same numbers as the IMR powders that were formerly made by Dupont.   However, the loading data for these similar powders is not exactly the same.   Any Hodgdon powder that is named with 4 digits is made with an improved technology that makes them noticably less temperature sensitive compared to some other powders.   Hodgdon makes another popular powder called VARGET that also uses this patented technology.   They call these powders their "Extreme" series.   Our side by side testing has proven that they work exactly as advertised.

      The temperature sensitivity of your powder can make a huge difference to long range shooters.   We sight-in our deer rifles in Florida, and we hunt in Pennsylvania during the winter.   That gives us quite a temperature difference.   Of course, we always verify our sight settings when we get there, but the velocity "used to be" much slower in cold weather . . . . that was before we switched to Hodgdon.   This change in velocity has a major effect on long range trajectory.   However, when using any of the Hodgdon Extreme powders the variation is much less, and the consistant accuracy is as good as any other powder I've ever tried.

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