Leupold Magnetic Bore Sighting Tool

      I am a firm believer in the quality of Leupold optics, but I'll admit that I was a little skeptical when I first heard the concept of how this device works.   Finally, curiosity got the best of me and I sent off about $30 to get one.   It was just a matter of time .... I just had to know how well it would work.

Leupold optics

      As usual, I was impressed by the Leupold quality, but the real proof always comes after the testing.   The picture at the left is almost the exact size of this device and it is small enough to easily fit in your pocket.   This bore sighting tool attaches itself to your muzzle by its magnetic base.   It works on rifles, pistols and shotguns; and it doesn't require batteries or barrel arbors.

      After testing this little gadget, I now carry it to the range and on some hunting trips.   I have used this tool many times to help fellow shooters get their rifles sighted-in quicker than ever, and without wasting ammo.   The instructions for this unit are very well written, and you will get quite a bit more from this tool if you take the time to read them carefully.

      Hunters will find this tool helpful to verify that their sights haven't been knocked out of alignment.   I tested it on several scoped rifles that I knew were sighted in perfectly.   I was surprised to see this optical device verified almost the exact same grid picture for each rifle

      I later found that I could swap scopes on my rifle (while shooting at 600 yards) and adjust the new scope to the exact same zero using this tool.   This device was accurate enough to get my zero back within a few inches of my previous sight setting, and that allows me to resume shooting very quickly.   This is a great tool that most rifle shooters should keep handy.

        Caution:   I recently heard about a shooter that forgot to remove one of these magnetic bore sighting tools before shooting.   His rifle blew up, and his barrel was pealed back like a banana.   He survived, but it cost him a trip to the emergency room.   This is actually quite easy to do, because when your scope is adjusted to a higher power . . . . you can see right through this optical device as if it wasn't even there.   It's a great tool . . . . but be careful.

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