Case Head Separation   (and how to avoid it ... )

      This picture shows the first sign of case head separation on two fired .308 Winchester cases.   Notice the bright horizontal ring near the base of these cases.   This is a common problem for handloaders, when cases don't get resized properly.   Avoiding this symptom often means going beyond just reading the instructions that come with resizing dies.   Case head separation is caused when the case shoulder gets pushed back a few thousandths of an inch too far during the resizing operation.   If you measure your cases (at the shoulder), this can be avoided by setting your die height more accurately.

Warning Signs of Case Head Separation

      If you ever experience this warning sign of case head separation take it seriously, and throw those cases away.   The next firing would definitely split these cases in two, leaving most of the case stuck in your chamber.   The escaping gases can blow back through the bolt, and cause serious injuries.

      If you handloads have no chamber clearance (at the shoulder), your handloads might not chamber properly.   If the case shoulder gets pushed back too far, your handloads will be too short for your chamber.   When a short case is fired, its shoulder is blown forward until it fills up the chamber.   This stretches a case just above the web (the solid part of your case).   At this point the case becomes paper thin, and it's wasted.   These cases could have been used for many more loadings if they had been measured and accurately resized at the shoulder during the reloading process.

      Until now, hardloaders have used several different methods of measuring chamber clearance.   These methods include coating a resized case with soot from a candle or using a Magic Marker, and then chambering it to see where it contacts the chamber.

Well . . . . now there's a much more accurate technique.

This tool should be on every reloading bench.

Digital Headspace

      Adjusting dies for your "particular" chamber or duplicating factory loads doesn't get easier than this.   Our new digital headspace gauge displays your EXACT chamber clearance (headspace), and it works on any caliber from .22 Hornet to the 378 Weatherby Magnum.

      This tool helps to extend the life of your cases, improves accuracy, and it doesn't require using soot from candles, Magic Markers, other specialized tools, bushings or attachments.

      I designed (and patented) this new Digital Headspace Gauge, and at this time it's ONLY available from this website.

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