RCBS Case Prep Machine

This is the RCBS Case Prep Machine.
It's a great tool that makes reloading a pleasure.

        This is a very handy machine that speeds up your reloading.   I remember seeing shooters get real excited when this machine first hit the market.   There were no similar machines like it at that time.

        Preparing rifle cases is such a time consuming job that it can discourage new shooters from reloading.   This machine does a great job of speeding things up, and you can pick one up for a very reasonable price.

        Before RCBS came out with this machine, there was nothing like it . . . . except for a few units like the one I made (below) for my personal use.   Serious shooters had to build their own or spend extra hours at reloading.

This is the Case Prep Machine that I made
sometime back in the late 1970s.

        I made this Case Prep Machine about 15 years before RCBS ever got the idea.   It may not look quite as fancy as the RCBS machine, but it works real well.   I never intended to sell these machines, and back then I never considered getting a patent on anything either.

        When you're just making one machine, it's easier to use materials like stainless steel (instead of moulded plastic parts).   I also used 2 high-torque gear reduction motors for the chamfering cutters and a small high speed motor for the primer pocket cleaning tool.   My machine runs on one 12 volt DC power supply, and it's controlled with a rotary switch.

        I only made one machine, and it's not for sale.   It was easy enough to build with commonly available printer parts.   I still use my old Case Prep Machine all the time.   However, now that the RCBS unit is available, if you're time is worth anything, it's a good idea to pick up an RCBS Case Prep Machine.   You'll enjoy reloading a whole lot more.

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