Custom Scope Reticle

  Custom Scope Reticle

      This shows the custom scope reticle that I had installed in my Leupold Vari-X III, 2.5 - 8X scope.   Adding a custom reticle wasn't nearly as expensive or complicated as I thought it would be.   I just called Premier Reticles and told them what I needed for my 300 Whisper CAR-15.   I provided them with the exact trajectory for this rifle in 50 yard increments, out to 300 yards.   They asked a few questions about my particular rifle, because they can also calculate the exact positioning of 50 yard dots for the verticle crosshair for your scoped rifle.   I verified their drop chart info, for my particular load, and it was right on the dot - perfect.

      This is a great feature for a tactical rifle because you can quickly engage targets at any known distance without taking time to adjust the scope.   Just put the correct dot on the target and you're ready to shoot.   On a variable power scope, these vertical 50 yard increments are only calibrated when the scope is set on one specific power setting and when you shoot the exact same load that you are setup to use.

      This is an especially handy feature with a cartridge like the 300 Whisper.   The trajectory of this cartridge is very similar to shooting a .22 rimfire at extreme long range.   The 220 grain HP bullet makes this round quite powerful but the drop at 300 yards is just over 8 feet.   This type of reticle makes it very easy to shoot well.   This rifle also has a supressor made by SSK Industries and it shoots very near MOA accuracy at 300 yards.

      Sometimes people (even fellow shooters) will ask "Who needs such a tactical weapon?"   My answer is "Anyone that enjoys shooting them . . . . after all, hunting isn't protected by the constitution . . . . the right for you to defend your family is."   Hopefully, this rifle will never be used for anything but challenging targets at the rifle range.   The 300 Whisper is a high tech caliber to reload, and with the right scope it is an awesome shooter.


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