AR-15 Rifle (Front Sight)

      Most AR-15 rifles now have an improved, fully adjustable rear sight.   Now that the front and rear sights are both adjustable, you can position the front sight one time and forget it.   Take a close look at the front sight on the AR-15 rifle.   You will find that it's not exactly a "solid" front sight.   The front sight always has too much play in it to suit me.   Here are a few tips on how to setup and improve the front sight.

AR-15 Rifle       I like to use a .040" wide blade on the full size AR-15 rifle.   This works best for me, because it gives me the optimum sight picture.   I also want the front sight to be solid.   You can completely eliminate any side play in the front sight with one quick modification.   Just re-tap the threaded hole that the front sight is screwed into and install a set screw in from the bottom (see arrow).   Be sure to recut the threads "all the way" through the hole.   Then adjust your rear sight all the way down and sight in your rifle by adjusting the front sight.   After you locate the setting for your front sight, tighten the set screw from the bottom and snug it against the bottom of your front sight.   This easy improvement helps your confidence when your equipment has to be 100% right.   It's important to set your front sight this way, so that your rear sight will always be adjustable from the mechanical zero position.

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