Avoid Stock Scratches

The scratches on the left were caused during one trip to the range.
The picture on the right shows the repaired (and reshaped) stock.

        I hope you notice this Tech Tip before you get your favorite rifle scratched up.   It is a good idea to examine your ear muffs for sharp edges.   You can't always avoid ear muff contact with your rifle.   The best thing you can do is to look for any sharp edges on the ear muffs, and round them off.

(Peltor Ear Muffs)

The picture on the left shows the sharp edge of the muffs that can seriously scratch
your rifle stock.   The picture on the right shows the improved rounded edge.

        You can use a scraper or a file to reshape the lower part of your ear muffs by rounding off sharp edges.   This is a pair of Peltor Pro-7 muffs, and I've never experienced this stock scratching problem when shooting any other rifle.   However, every rifle has a different shape, and if you're not careful, it is very easy to end up with some surprising stock scratches after a long day at the range.

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