Try using a Silencer (suppressor)

AR-15 (300 Whisper) with a Silencer

        I did a considerable amount of research before building this rifle.   It has an accurate 16" heavy Shilen barrel.   SSK Industries chambered it for 300 Whisper, and they made the suppressor.   The 300 Whisper cartridge was developed by SSK for use in the AR-15.   This is the ultimate caliber to use, if you plan to shoot with a suppressor.   The round functions perfectly in an AR-15, and the large 220 gr. bullet gives the maximum punch without breaking the sound barrier.

        This rifle has a crisp 3 pound (single stage) JP trigger and an 8X Leupold scope with a custom reticle.   The vertical reticle on this scope has perfectly positioned aiming points at 50 yard increments.   I designed the cantilever scope mount for mounting this particular scope.   This is a great tactical rifle for quiet, accurate and rapid shooting at distances out to 300 yards.

Contender (300 Whisper) with a Silencer

        I built this rifle from a T/C Contender handgun, and it now has some advantages over the suppressed AR-15.   It also has a heavy 16" Shilen barrel, and it delivers MOA accuracy with no problem at all.   It's more quiet than the AR-15, because there's no sound from a cycling action.   The Contender is a real lightweight, and it's much shorter.   It also has a crisp 10 ounce (single stage) trigger, and a custom 8X Leupold scope (with a target turret) for precise elevation adjustments.   The custom scope mount has 20 MOA built in to provide enough scope adjustment to reach 300 yards.   It's a great feature to use the same silencer on different rifles.   I can also use the same reloading dies and of course the bipod.

Ruger Model 10-22 with a Silencer

        I adapted this Ruger 10-22 to use the same suppressor that I use on .30 caliber rifles, and it works pretty well.   It doesn't feel anything like a .22 rimfire rifle anymore.   In fact, its balance now feels more like your shooting an M1 Garand.   This rifle is extremely quiet with subsonic loads.   However, the suppressor causes enough back pressure (during rapid fire) to quickly foul the chamber.   That leads to occasional jamming with every brand of ammo I've ever tried.   If I could afford to do this rimfire project over, I would fit this silencer on a bolt action rifle.   One of these days, I might solve this problem by devising a way to lock the bolt.

        It's too bad that the propaganda on TV has convinced so many Americans that a silencer is a devious killing tool used only by criminals.   There are rifle ranges in Europe that cringe when shooters show up without a suppressor.   After all, it's far less distracting to other shooters when a whole line of shooters open up with silencers.   Most of us know what it sounds like without them.   Consider getting a silencer.   They're pretty neat!

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