Self Defense   (at home)

Self Defense

      This is one of the best ways to store a loaded handgun at home.   Self defense at home requires instant access to a loaded gun, and it's important to store it safely.   I recommend using this type of locking gun box, (although I strongly believe that there should NEVER be a law requiring mandatory gun locks of any kind).   This particular gun box uses a combination push button lock that allows extremely quick access without even looking at the lock.   There are hundreds of different combinations, but it can be opened in less than 3 seconds with one hand - even in the dark.   Just place your fingers on the buttons, and press two of them down together.   Then hit one of the other buttons, and the box pops open.

Self Defence

      This type of combination lock box is perfect if you have kids around the house, or if you have occasional visitors that bring their kids.   This type of lock box is available at most gunshops for $125 - $200.   Obviously, your choice of the right self defense handgun is critical.   Forget about getting some "cool looking" handgun, or one that you never practice with.   You need to choose a totally reliable handgun that you would bet your life on.   I usually prefer self defense handguns that don't have a safety.   The reason for this, is if you open a locked box in an emergency, you may need to shoot in an instant.   I've seen stressful shooting events in IPSC competition that have caught some very experienced shooters with their safety "on", and you don't want that to happen in a self defense situation.   I've discussed home defense with shooters that prefer to use a shotgun, but because of limited maneuverability in tight quarters and a possible hostage situation, I'll take a handgun any day.

      Selecting the best caliber is important too.   Small revolvers are a good choice for self defense, but NEVER rely on any caliber smaller than a 38 Special.   Have you ever heard a .357 Magnum fired inside a building - without using ear muffs?   I have, and it will definitely blow your ears off.   I prefer to use a 45 ACP with subsonic loads.   However, the 38 Special is also a very good choice, and most shooters can do real well with one.   My wife gets very little shooting practice, and she is quite confident using a 38 Special.   Unlike what you read in most gun magazines, you don't need spectacular accuracy at 3 to 15 feet, and you definitely won't loose much velocity at that distance.   For the 38 Special, I use 158 gr Hornady XTP (hollow points) loaded to maximum subsonic velocity.

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