Tragic School Shootings

Help spread the word.  This is why
we have school shootings in America.

      Most people don't have enough interest to pay attention to the details of gun control.   This is an especially difficult subject to explain after a tragic shooting.   Our liberal politicians wait for these disasters to happen, and they are quick to exploit emotional people with legislation they have prepared well in advance.  This opportunistic legislation is nothing new.   It is designed to increase government control over the whole population.   Gun control is not about guns.   It's about control.

      Why have we never experienced school shootings when we were growing up in the 50s and 60s?   After all, we've had semi automatic weapons for over one hundred years.   What has changed?   We need to understand what actually causes these tragedies in order to prevent them from happening again.   However, there appears to be too few people that will take the time to listen.

      Our main stream news media pushes the liberal agenda that reaches virtually everyone, while stories that support gun ownership very seldom see the light of day.   This continuous propaganda is easy for people to believe, and it is an enormous task to set things straight.

      There are many Americans among us that actually think in would be good to outlaw the private ownership of guns.   Think about it.   Before you try to fix a problem, learn the real cause of it; or you could end up with major problems.   Should we trust our government to wield this much power over us?   Absolutely not.

      The main reason our forefathers wanted to keep citizens armed is to protect us from our own government.   Imagine the criminal activity we would experience if the value of our money was suddenly destroyed.   (By the way, America is already broke!)   If we were unarmed, would you expect the police to arrive in time to save 300 million Americans?   Absolutely not.

      If we ignore the real cause of recent school shootings, we will see them continue until our government disarms America.   Our constitutional freedoms will then be eliminated one at a time, until our own government becomes our master.   Thank our forefathers for giving us the means to control our government.   The Second Amendment is in place in case politicians ignore the rest of our Constitution.

      We currently have the right to own effective modern arms (like semi-automatics) to defend ourselves.   Along with high capacity magazines, they are the very best deterrent to defending against an armed attacker.   The mere presence of a firearm prevents armed confrontations, and these avoided events obviously never get reported.  Avoided crimes also have no effect on statistics to show the life saving benefit of armed citizens.

      We need to examine the liberal agenda that removed God from our schools in America and take an honest look at the effect this has had on American families.   Take a look at the constant stream of immoral and violent content on today's TV and video games.   Imorality comes with serious consequences.   One out of every four Americans are now born into a family with no father in the home.   This huge part of our population has developed an irresponsible, lazy work ethic.   Too many Americans are now content to become entitlement recipients.   The solution is to return to accepting Jesus Christ like our forefathers have for the last 2,000 years.   Pass this article on to those that you think might pay attention to the details.

- Larry A. Willis

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