Rifle Barrel (Quick Inspection)

Rifle Barrel

      Here's a neat trick that will surprise you.   Don't laugh . . . . until you try it.   When I first heard about this idea of using a Q-Tip, it sounded like no big deal.   However, after I tried it, I was surprised to see how well it worked.  

      Just insert a Q-Tip into your barrel (like the picture on the right), and it will reflect enough light so that you can get a real good look at the last half inch of rifling and the crown of your barrel.   In most cases you'll find that this works much better than a flashlight.

      Since then, I've used this method about a jillion times.   Q-Tips are handy to keep in your cleaning supplies anyway.   Even though the majority of fowling in just ahead of thr chamber, this is a good way to judge approximately how well you are cleaning your barrel when you're at the range.   It's also a good way to examine your barrel when you're in the field.

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