Resource Information for Shooters

      This website is designed to be used as a handy resource for shooters and hunters.   Some of the best features of this site are explained below.   Save this site as one of your favorites and visit often.

      Our "Shooting & Reloading Tech Tips" pages are always being updated with helpful information for shooters.   These pages show a list of improvements that can be made on different guns and reloading equipment.

     Our "Product Review" pages are always being updated with useful information to help you save money, and find the best shooting and reloading equipment available.   This section shows some of the best products I've ever encountered, and I don't do payment advertisements.   However, I write articles about reloading products made by anyone, and I own most of these products myself.

      Our "Links" page contains the info you need to find almost any shooting related product . . . . from A to Z.   (or)   If you want to find a nearby shooting range   (or)   you may want to locate a gunshow in your area, this page can help you find it fast.   The "Links" page also directs you to see the hunting regulations in your state.   It even gives you a 7 day weather forecast for planning your next hunting trip - anywhere in the US.

      Our "We The People" page will help you respond effectively whenever you hear about new anti-gun legislation.   This page allows you to enter your zipcode, then it shows who your elected officials are.   It also helps you to email them with your views.   I hope that you will use this page every chance you get.

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