How to Install Your Scope Level


      Why do the crosshairs need to be mounted perfectly level anyway?   Your lead always goes the same place, right?   Well . . . . not if you intend to shoot at long range.

      If your rifle is sighted in at 100 yards and your crosshairs are canted by just one degree, you'll be aiming almost 2" to one side when you raise elevation for a 600 yard shot.   This problem only gets worse as the distance increases.


Are these crosshairs
perfectly level?


This magnetic scope level really does the job.


      I've tried several different tools to level rifle scopes, and nothing quite gets it right without an endless amount of adjusting.   My goal was to design a simple, functional (and affordable) tool that performs two functions.

1.)  Mount your scope perfectly level
2.)  Keep rifle level while taking extreme long range shots.


      Sometimes the "details" make all the difference.   This level is accurate enough to easily set your crosshairs within half a degree, and it attaches to almost any steel scope base that has .130" clearance under the scope.   The magnetic base is strong enough to lift some rifles off the bench.   In fact, you can shoot a 300 Win. Mag. Sporter with it attached.  


It also helps with long range shooting.


      Start by placing this magnetic level on your scope base.   It's best to also contact one of the scope rings.   Position your rifle on sandbags or use a bipod, and focus your scope on a known horizontal (or) vertical straight edge to use as a reference for your crosshairs.   When the scope level shows your "rifle" is perfectly level, you can rotate the scope until the crosshairs are parallel to your straight edge.   You can also hang a string with a weight on the end to use as a perfect vertical reference.   Then tighten your scope rings, sight-in your rifle and you're ready to go.

      Another reason for getting your crosshairs perfectly level is just to "know" that they're exactly right.   When I pick up a rifle and see the crosshairs are crooked . . . . . it sure doesn't help.   Absolute confidence in your rifle is one of the most important factors in good shooting.   This is one more way to help your concentration.

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