How to lube inside your case necks ...

      I always try to avoid using dies with an expander ball, but sometimes you have no choice.   Have you ever noticed hearing a "squeak" when pulling an expander ball back through the case neck?   Your press forces the expander ball back through the neck to increase the inside diameter.   Unfortunately, it can also stretch your case at the shoulder and increase your case run-out.   It's easy to make the best of this situation by lubricating the inside of your case necks before resizing.

      Sometimes it's possible to save a few bucks when reloading, but hopefully this won't become your main goal when making handloads.   I filled this small bottle with about 5 or 6 ounces of #8 lead shot.   Then I mix one tablespoon of powdered graphite into the shot.   This inexpensive device helps lubricate the inside of your case necks with great results.   Remember to clean the inside of your case necks first with a bore brush.   After you do 20 cases, close the bottle and shake it a few times to redistribute the graphite.   That supplies the right amount of graphite so you can just dip the neck inside, and give it a twist.   This is a quick technique that works well, and it doesn't make a mess.

      This fancy little bottle might have cost someone a fortune, so I might as well try to save a few bucks by getting a little more use out of it.   I figure that I'm going to need a thousand more money saving ideas to justify the cost my next hunting trip.

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