Take Care of Your Reloading Dies

Don't try this.   It destroys the appearance (and value) of your dies.

      Using any type of pliers will chew up the finish on your dies, and it makes them look like crap.   This is a very common mistake I see when reloaders get in a hurry.   Don't do it.   Keep the right tools handy at your reloading bench, and don't resort to using the first tool you can find.

Use a small strap wrench to tighten or loosen your dies.

      This is the right tool for the job, and it works on all types of dies made by any manufacturer.   Have you ever reloaded 50 rounds and discovered that somewhere along the line, your die came loose?   It's best to designate certain tools for reloading only.   If you can do it, you'll be motivated to reload more often.   Reloading is a pleasure when you always have the right tools at your fingertips.

[This strap wrench was purchased from Brownells.]

This will loosen the lock ring.

      The lock ring on dies will often seize up, even after loosening the lock screw.   There's nothing wrong with the threads on your dies.   When that happens, you can easily break the lock ring loose with a light smack from a plastic mallet.   It just needs to be vibrated loose . . . . once again, don't use pliers.

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