Youngest NRA Member
(my grandson)

      This is my grandson "Bryce".   He became an NRA Life Member when he was just one day old.   I helped with that.   I didn't want to waste any time getting him signed up, because it's important to get him off to a good start.   I'd really like to see our gun rights preserved, so Bryce will be able to enjoy the inheritence of my gun collection - one day.   You can probably see that I hope to take him on hunting trips when he gets bigger.   (Believe it or not, this isn't his first camo outfit.)

His mom "Sherry" is a shooter too.

      President Obama just got re-elected, and at the moment our constitutional freedoms are in serious danger.   Our country will need Americans that understand freedom . . . . and Bryce will.   He is going to need a lot of help with protecting our right to keep and bear arms.

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