.22 Rimfire Rifle Accuracy   (it's affordable . . . )

This is an Anschutz Model 54, with a 6-24X B&L scope.

      I remember reading a gun magazine (back in the mid 1960s) that suggested getting your family away from the TV set and shooting a quality .22 rimfire rifle from the bench.   The magazine article went on to compare the price of a top quality scoped rifle to the average television.   Everything was different back then.   The latest TVs were very expensive; and on a good day, you might receive up to 3 channels.   Some of the better TV sets actually received in "color" . . . . imagine that!   The technology in electronics has changed so much, it makes you wonder how we would have survived.

Five shot groups at 50 yards should average well under half an inch.

      However, I guess if you compare the price of a modern day 47" flat screen TV to a top quality target rifle, they still cost about the same.   Just imagine how hard it would be today, if you tried to justify the expense of a good .22 rimfire rifle instead of the family TV set.   You might get voted right out of your own house!   (Don't try it.)   Shooting from a bench is still reasonably affordable, and it can be enjoyed by most family members.   Spend a few hundred bucks on an accurate .22 rimfire rifle, and see how much fun it is to shoot tight groups from a bench.   You just might find someone in your family that will get hooked on shooting.

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