Reloading Ammunition   (Special Tools)


      For every type of tool used in reloading ammunition, there are many tools that do the job much better than others.   These are two popular case chamfering reamers.   They are both designed to remove the burr after case trimming, and they cut a specific angle on the mouth of your cases.

      These reamers provide different angles that allow your bullet to be pressed into your case without deforming the case or shaving the bullet.   The particular angle that they cut is quite different and that angle is important for getting the best results.   The tool on the right is called a "very low drag" (VLD) chamfer reamer.   It was designed for seating VLD type bullets that have a very shallow angle at the rear.   I have found that the angle cut by these reamers is far better than the tool on the left for reloading any rifle caliber from .22 - .30 caliber.

      Long before the reloading equipment manufacturers produced VLD reamers, many shooters have been making their own.   Shortly after these VLD reamers became readily available, they became very popular.   This tool just took reloading ammunition one small step forward.   When you're reloading ammunition, it's usually the small details that will make the most improvement.   This VLD reamer will eliminate shaving bullets during the seating operation.


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