RCBS Charge Master (Reloading at the range.)

This "Console Adapter" makes it seem like reloading at home.

      I designed and built this small reloading bench to sit on the console of my truck.   It provides a solid platform for using my RCBS Charge Master when I reload at the range.   I just had to find a 9 volt DC power supply that would run on my automotive battery.   The Charge Master is not affected by running the air conditioner, so you can be comfortable even when reloading in 98° heat.   If you want to speed up your reloading, you can use a bench like this to mount a powder measure.

      Reloading at the range can be quick and easy, especially if your cases are all prepared before you get there.   The benefit from loading at the range is you can experiment with several different loads in a much shorter period of time.   You are able to come up with a good load quicker; because when one of your groups begins to open up, you can switch to another load right away.   At the range, you can try different bullets, powders, and seating depths.   Basically, just "pour 'em and cork 'em".

This Lee Portable Press and a Redding
Straight-Line Seating Die
work great.

      Before switching to a different type of bullet or powder, be sure to clean your barrel (and condition it) by firing at least one or two rounds with the new type bullet and powder.   That reduces a lot of first round flyers in your accuracy testing.   Despite the "affordable" appearance of the Lee Portable Reloading Press, it can seat bullets within half a thousandth of an inch when used with a good straight line seating die.

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