Anschutz Model 1700 Rifle (ejection problems)

Anschutz Model 1700 (ejection problem)

      Here is a gunsmithing tech tip that can save a whole lot of frustration for shooters that own the Anschutz Model 1700 Rifle.   I tried EVERYTHING to make this rifle eject empty cases reliably.   I've found that you can usually save a lot of time solving weird problems (like this one) if you contact a gunsmith that specializes in a particular model.   However, I contacted the factory, as well as several different gunsmith specialists, and none of their ideas worked - not even a little bit.   It didn't matter if you worked the bolt slowly or very quickly, the ejection was terribly weak.

      I've met other shooters that own this particular rifle, and they all had the same weak ejection problem.   You can modify the ejector, modify the extractor, replace the spring, add shims, or howl at the moon - nothing seems to solve the intermittent ejection problem for this rifle.

      However, this problem can be solved.   It's not a simple fix, but this beautiful rifle is well worth the trouble to get it exactly right.   If you own one of these rifles (and if you look very closely), you can easily see what I did to fix this problem.   I had to lower the ejection port almost 1/8th of an inch.   The ejection port is now flush with the stock; and to complete this operation, I reblued the barrelled action.   This rifle now flings the empty cases about 6 feet straight out, and it doesn't make any difference how you operate the bolt.

      I made a few other modifications to this rifle.   They include repositioning the trigger 3/8" toward the rear, setting the trigger at one pound, and bedding the action. I also added an elevation target turret and a retractable trajectory tape (mounted on the scope).   These retractable tapes can be swapped to show the "exact" trajectory for this rifle when using different brands of ammo.

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