.357 Magnum (Handloading Notes)

      This reloading article shows the information from a page of my handloading logbook.   It includes all the information I need for my .357 Magnum.   I save ALL of my notes when testing different loads - even the loads that don't perform well.   This keeps me from trying the bad ones again at a later date.   However, I keep a separate page like this for my "best" handloads for each firearm.   They get recorded in this exact format below.   If you save your reloading data like this - it becomes much more meaningful information when the shooting begins.

Case :
Primer :
Powder :
Bullet :

Remington       (Velocity = 1,180 fps)
14.0 gr, 2400
158 Gr. Hornady XTP (Hollow Point)
Heavy roll crimp in center of cantilure

      This is the best hunting and self-defense handload for my 6" Colt Python.   It delivers good bullet penetration and expansion without excessive muzzle flash.   This handload could have been made a little bit hotter, but this particular bullet produced the best accuracy at 1,180 fps in my handgun.   It will shoot 5 shot groups at 25 yards that consistently measure well under 2" when fired from a sandbag rest.  

Trajectory Chart

      7 yards      
- 0 -
      15 yards      
+ 1.75"
      25 yards      
+ 2.5"
      50 yards      
- 0 -

Sight Info :
        25 yards   - Use a 6:00 hold on a 25 yd bullseye target.
        50 yards   - Use a center hold on target.

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