Reloading the
300 Win. Mag.

      The .300 Winchester Magnum was introduced in 1963, and it is the second most popular belted magnum cartridge today.   This cartridge is loaded to 54,000 cup and has a great reputation for outstanding accuracy.   This cartridge is ideal for any big game hunting in North America, except for the very largest bear.   The 300 Win Mag generates serious recoil in lightweight hunting rifles when firing bullets 180 grains or heavier.

      I have discovered two very accurate handloads for my Browning A-Bolt Composit Stalker.   Hornady makes a great 180 gr. STS bullet that is unbeatable for long range hunting.   I get consistent 3/4 MOA accuracy (5 shots @ 100 yds) using maximum loads with this bullet.   I use H4350 powder and a Federal 210M primer.

      For varmint hunting, I like the Speer flat base130 grain Hollow point bullet.   This 130 grain Speer bullet delivers consistent 3/4 MOA accuracy at 3420 fps in my hunting rifle.   This particular load has a very flat trajectory, and the recoil is similar to shooting a .308 Winchester.   The only limiting factor with this particular bullet is that it's a bit wind sensitive at extreme long range.   The Speer 130 grain bullet was originally designed to be used on varmints, but it also does a great job on deer.

      The main problem with handloading the 300 Win Mag is case expansion that occurs at the pressure ring "just above" the belt.   Conventional resizing dies can't properly resize any belted magnum case in this area.   These cases soon develop a slight "bulge" around the case (usually after just 2 or 3 firings).   When that happens, these cases will begin to stick in your chamber or they will fail to chamber at all.   This is a very common symptom when reloading belted magnum calibers.   Handloading the 300 Win Mag with our Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die will increase the life of your cases and insure a perfect fit in your chamber.

Collet Resizing Die
"Finally a resizing die that works on belted magnum cases."

      This unique collet resizing die solves this common reloading problem and has several patented features.   The top of the die serves as a case width gauge to show when "complete" case resizing is required.   This resizing die is used to eliminate the case "bulge" after using your full length or neck sizing die.   This die insures that your belted handloads will always chamber properly.   Now your cases are able to last for up to 20 firings, even when using hot loads.   This resizing die uses a collet that fits over the cartridge case, until it bottoms against the belt.   The case is then pressed into the sizing die.   The collet allows your case to go farther into the die where it only reduces the area "just above" the belt.

      This ONE die and collet is universal and works on ALL of the popular belted magnum calibers including:  .257 Weatherby Magnum,  6.5 Remington Magnum,  .264 Winchester Magnum,  .270 Weatherby Magnum,  7 x 61 Sharpe & Hart,  7mm Remington Magnum,  7mm Weatherby Magnum,  7mm STW,  .300 H & H Magnum,  .300 Win Mag, .300 Weatherby Magnum,  . 308 Norma Magnum,  8mm Remington Magnum,  .338 Winchester Magnum,   .340 Weatherby Magnum,  .350 Remington Magnum,  .358 Norma Magnum,  .375 H & H Magnum,  .416 Remington Magnum,  . 458 Winchester magnum and several wildcat cartridges.   There are no extra collets to buy when resizing any of these calibers.   This unique Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die is made only by Innovative Technologies, and it can be purchased on the home page of our website.

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