.22 Rimfire (a blown case)

Safety glasses are always recommended.

        It only takes one accident like this to ruin your eyesight forever.   This .22 rimfire case was fired in a semi automatic rifle with a fouled chamber.   The powder fouling was built up so badly that it prevented the case from being fully chambered before it was hit by the firing pin.   This is a good example why you should always wear safety glasses when shooting.

        This shot was a bit louder than normal, and it blew a hot, firey shower of sparks out the ejection port.   The escaping gases made a loud hissing sound in the receiver of the rifle.   This is a very rare situation that most shooters will never see in a lifetime.   However, when this happens, it will definitely get your attention!

        This incident occurred after shooting about 50 rounds rapid fire with a suppressor (silencer).   Some suppressors build up more back pressure than others, and they can make a rimfire foul much quicker than normal.   Due to the fact that .22 rimfire ammo fouls so badly, it's a good idea to pay close attention to how your ammo is chambering.   If you get any jamming, it's a good idea to clean the chamber ASAP.   This is rarely a problem when not using a suppressor.   Single shot rifles, repeaters, or centerfire calibers don't usually foul nearly as much when using a suppressor.

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