Reloading Data  

Reloading Data

      This is a neat way to organize and record your reloading data.   The last time I went to get business cards made, I had 1,000 of these cards printed for a few extra bucks.   Instead of my business card information, I had them printed with a "fill in the blank" format - just like the reloading data in my shooting logbook.   These cards are the perfect size, and they won't "fly away" like the small note page that comes in your box of bullets.   I've found that if you record your reloading data using a good format, you're much less likely to forget something important.   Sort of works like a check list to ensure that you'll include all of the particular components and settings that you've used.


  • They're inexpensive, and you can get them printed anywhere.
  • They're the perfect size, and they have enough room for your reloading data.
  • You can put notes on the back of the card - like trajectory info & sight settings.
  • These cards will easily fit in your pocket or inside any ammo box.
  • Sometimes these cards can help you avoid carrying your handloading logbook.
  • These cards can be stored in their original box.
Reloading Data

      Whenever you try different loads, it's important to keep a record of how they performed - even if the results are bad.   Many shooters only save the reloading data that turn out well, and that's a mistake.   Collecting ALL of this information will accurately show you the characteristics of your individual reloading components.   It can also keep you from inadvertently trying a bad handload for the second time.


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