"We The People" . . . . So What?


"Let's work together to drain the swamp.
  Help preserve the Second Amendment."


      Turn your speakers up, and you'll see Lou Dobbs explain Obama's plan to bypass our Second Amendment.

      Hopefully this video will motivate more shooters to get involved protecting our Constitutional freedoms in the United States.

        Use this tool to preserve our Second Amendment.   Just enter your zipcode in the white box below and click GO.   That one click will show you exactly who YOUR elected officials are.   Then with another click you can send them an email.   Explain your views about proposed gun control legislation.

        It doesn't get easier than that.   Visit this webpage every time you see someone tampering with our right to keep and bear arms.   This just might protect YOUR legal right to own guns.   If our elected officials see that you're concerned enough to send them an email . . . . then they'll know you're a concerned voter.


      This video is enough to motivate almost anyone to protect our gun rights.

      One American clearly explains why we need the right to keep and bear arms.   Notice the smug expression shown by Senator Charles Schumer.

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