Lee Portable Reloading Press

Lee Portable Reloading Press

      This portable reloading press is a great tool.   I use it often with Redding precision seating dies to develop handloads at the range.   If you resize, prime, and prepare your cases at home, you can use this hand press at the range to do a lot more load testing in a very short period of time.   It's a great deal more efficient to test several different loads when you just need to pour 'em and cork 'em at the range.   There's very little to gain by making a large quantity of ammo at home, then taking it to the range to find that it all performs poorly.

      When your rifle is setup properly, it's easy to fire a few rounds and test the potential of your handloads.   I recommend this inexpensive hand press for shooters that want to accomplish much more successful load testing.   Do the majority of your load development at the range.   That's the best way to improve your handloads quickly.

      Unfortunately, the quality of this press is not impressive by any means.   The ram and linkage are steel, and the frame is aluminum.   This press has minimal leverage, and the ram is quite loose and rickety in the frame.   Hovever, that's not a problem if you use it strictly for seating bullets.   Consistent bullet seating with this press is no problem.   Seating depth can easily be kept within .0005" with this portable press.   My press required the top surface to be filed flat to allow the lock ring of the die to seat sqaurely.   Altogether this is a very handy tool that I use quite often.

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