Imperial Sizing Die Wax

Imperial Sizing Die Wax

        Anyone that reloads should recognize this product.   If you're not using Imperial Sizing Die Wax for your resizing lube . . . . you should be.   I've recommended this product to hundreds of shooters, and out of all the shooters that have tried it, I have yet to hear from anyone that has ever switched back to any another resizing lubricant.   I recommend it for use with our Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die, because it out-performs any other resizing lube that I've ever tried.

        Imperial Sizing Die Wax is available from any of the large reloading distributors.   One small 2 ounce can (for about $6.) will last most shooters for a whole decade.   It looks and smells like Johnsons Neutral Shoe Polish.   It's impossible to get case dents with this stuff and it's not sticky.   You don't need to use an applicator pad . . . . just wipe a slight film of this wax on your cases, with your fingers.   It's also good for neck turning.

        I once noticed a shooter storing this product in a very hot environment.   The "extra" temperature made the Imperial Sizing Die Wax turn oily, and it reduced the effectiveness of this product quite a bit.   Watch out for that, and I guarantee you'll really like this product.

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