MEC Grabber Press  

MEC Grabber Press

      I've never needed a super duper shotshell reloading press.   For the last 30 years, my opportunities to shoot shotguns have been limited so that I was able to do real well using a basic MEC Model 700 press.   After getting introduced to Sporting Clays, it was a different matter.   I found that it was a struggle to produce enough shells to attend very many of these events.   If I was going to participate in Sporting Clays, I needed a press that could knock out shells in a hurry.

      Over the years, I've helped friends set up complicated progressive presses that were able to reload shotshells very quickly.   However, most of these presses had some sort of annoying design problem.   The progressive presses that I've encountered needed constant station adjustments in order to keep producing top quality ammo.   These frequent adjustments required stopping and restarting during multiple operations.   This usually caused those presses to become what I call "carpet loaders".


      I checked with a local group of shooters that regularly shoot Sporting Clays to see what presses they were using.   It was clear to see which press was their favorite.   It was the MEC Grabber.   I've operated some real elaborate presses that worked well, but they cost a fortune and my limited need for shotgun reloading didn't justify spending that much money.   The Grabber is almost as simple as my old MEC Model 700; and after a few evenings reloading with friends, I knew that the MEC Grabber was the press for me.   This press is affordable, reliable, and once adjusted it makes great ammo.   It puts all the shot in the shells - not in your carpet.


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