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      My background (in 1974) was servicing large computer systems.   Back then most large computer systems cost well over a million dollars, and they were housed in huge data centers.   That was back when major computer manufacturers paid respectable salaries, and technicians had to actually know how to "fix" things.   Everything was going well until a guy by the name of Bill Gates came along with his new operating system for running inexpensive personal computers.   The concept of the PC revolutionized the computer industry, and they began replacing large computer systems everywhere.   It was just a matter of time before computer prices fell (like a rock) to a mere few hundred bucks.   This drastic change in computer technology gradually reduced my salary to an uncomfortable level.

      In 1995, I started my own computer consulting company "Innovative Technologies".   I began servicing IBM midrange systems and peripherals . . . . only those that were still profitable to repair.   I also helped a few starving national computer companies by servicing their customers in Florida.   As the years slipped by, most computer service companies downsized until they finally went out of business.  

      Most of the larger computer systems disappeared, and I started getting more spare time.   That's when my shooting buddies convinced me to patent some of the unique reloading tools that I've made for my personal use, and make them available to other shooters.   So, in July, 2002 I patented the Belted Magnum Collet Resizing Die (Pat # 6,412,385).   Since then, I've manufactured thousands of those dies and sold them through (5) national distributors.   I'm currently semi-retired, and I spend most of my time designing new products and shipping them to customers all over the world.   Our latest patented products are the Digital Headspace Gauge (Pat # 7,716,845), and the Wide View Light Reflector used on our new borescope.

      I've been interested in shooting for as long as I can remember, and I've met most of my best friends at the rifle range or while on hunting trips.   When I'm not working on new shooting & reloading equipment, you can bet that I'll be reloading or out shooting somewhere.   My main interest in shooting is "informal" rifle competition out to 1,000 yards, but I also shoot pistol, shotgun, black powder, and archery.

      I've always been actively involved in trying to expand the popularity of the shooting sports.   I believe that we desperately need more people interested in shooting.   This sport depends on large numbers of shooters that will get involved to protect our Second Amendment rights.   Our Constitution will always be under attack by most liberals and outspoken left wing fanatics.   For the most part, the only Americans that will stand up for our Second Amendment are our fellow shooters.
  My goals are to promote the shooting sports, help shooters make the best handloads possible, motivate new shooters, and hopefully there will be enough of them to protect our gun rights.

Larry A. Willis
NRA Life Member
USMC 1970-72
Tea Party Member

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